What Hosting Plan do you choose?

Once you have registered your Domain Name, the next step is to organise Web Hosting.

Their is many web hosting companies to choose from and what you choose depends on what your plan is.

I use Name Cheap for my hosting, some will say you should not have your domain name and hosting at the same company, I don’t see it as a problem if you are dealing with a well known and established company.

When you sign up for hosting at name cheap you will get a big discount on your first year, with know obligation to continue after the first year.

For the first year at Name Cheap you can get shared hosting for $9.88 then it will be $38.88 per year, this package allows you to host up to 3 websites. Shared hosting is fine when you first get started, its only when your site is getting millions of views each day, then you might need to upgrade your hosting which can be done easily with name cheap.

Get Web Hosting From Name Cheap


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