Unique Rewards Review

Unique Rewards Review

Unique Rewards is a good reward site with many ways to earn some cash. Unique Reward has been operating since 2003 and offers many ways to earn some cash. Currently Unique Rewards is available for people who live in U.S.A, United Kingdom and Canada.

How do You make money with Unique Rewards?

Cash Offers

You can earn cash and get great deals on products, services and information you were interested in any way! There are hundreds of offers to choose from including online and financial services, career and employment, educational, health and beauty, entertainment, dating and much more.

Simply click on an offer you’re interested in and you’ll be directed to the advertiser’s site. Complete the offer and you’ll earn cash!

Your account will be credited as soon as the advertiser notifies Unique Rewards. Most of Unique Rewards’ partners report transactions to Unique Rewards every 2 days, but occasionally this can take up to 30 days.

Cash Surveys

You can earn cash just by sharing your opinions with Cash Surveys!
With new surveys placed daily, there’s always an opportunity for you to influence tomorrow’s products and services – today!
Do consumer surveys or sign up for the survey sites to get cash & win great prizes.

Cashback Shopping

It’s easy to get up to 50% cash back with Cash Shopping! Simply choose a product, make a purchase and automatically receive cash back credited to your Unique Rewards account. Be sure to check out our “Coupons and Deals” subsection, which offer greater saving with coupon codes.
In addition to getting cash back, you’ll also save time and money! Avoid overcrowded malls, long lines, coupon clipping and shuffling through sale racks. Simply browse our stores, find great deals, and earn up to 50% cash back on your purchases. It’s that easy to shop and save!

Click Cash

Go to Click Cash section, select any offer you are interested in, click on it, visit website and receive $0.01 for it!
Visit each website once a day and get some cash every day!
Do not use any third party software to click the offers. Otherwise, we will block your account.

Cash Email Messages

About 1-3 emails per day with special offers and incredible deals will be sent to your email address.
Open the email and click on the message to be directed to the advertiser’s website. You’ll earn cash just for confirming that you’ve read the email ($0.01) and you can earn even more cash when you complete the offer from the advertiser! This will be between $.25 cents and $50.00+, depending upon that particular offer payout.

Video offers

You can earn cash in your Unique Rewards account just for watching videos. Watch each video once a day and get $0.01 for each video watching. You get rewards as soon as we receive transaction reports from the advertisers. It usually takes around 5 minutes. However, sometimes it may take a little longer.

Radio offer

You can earn cash while listening to the radio. Rewards are credited for entering captcha codes. You get paid for every submitted captcha code.
To complete the radio offer successfully you should have the latest versions of Adobe Flash Player and browser.

Offer Walls

You can earn cash by completing easy surveys/offers via Offer Walls. Rewards are credited within 24 hours.


Unique Rewards Pay $1 when each of your referral completes his/her first offer.

Unique Rewards also pays a $5 bonus once one of your referral is considered active. A referral is considered active once they earn $20 at Unique Rewards.

Unique Rewards also pay 10% of the Qualified Earnings received by your referrals! For your lifetime!

You will be credited 10% of your referrals’ earnings when they complete offers, take surveys (excluding profile surveys), Shopping Online and from their Offer Wall Earnings.

You don’t get referral income for the sign up bonus, reading cash email messages, profile surveys, click cash earnings, radio and video earnings.

Unique Rewards Tips

Unique Rewards pay a 10% bonus for all actions completed during the first 2 days after registration in our program. When you are referring your friends make sure you tell them this because once they complete an offer you will be paid $1.

Once you have earned $20 with Unique Rewards you will automatically become a Gold Member at Unique Rewards forever. Once you become a Gold Member at Unique Rewards you have the opportunity to get much higher commissions for offers or surveys completion and shopping. You will earn 40% more. For example, you’ll receive $14.00 instead of $10.00 for a simple offer!

It should be noted that both Basic and Gold Members receive the same rewards for watching videos, listening to radio, and completing cash tasks. It means that Gold Members don’t get additional 40% for those task.

How do you get paid with Unique Rewards

Once you have earned $20 with Unique Rewards you can be paid with PayPal or Check. Payments are made on Mondays so if you order your money Tuesday you will need to wait till next Monday to get paid.

How to sign up for Unique Rewards

I hope you found this guide useful and I hope you can sign up under my referral link.

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