Swag Bucks Review

Swag Bucks Review

Swag Bucks is a fun reward site that allows web and mobile members to earn virtual currency (called Swag Bucks) for doing things they are already doing each day.

Swag Bucks can then be redeemed for valuable rewards, including gift cards to the world’s online and offline retailers.

Since its launch in 2008, Swag bucks has awarded more than $45 million in rewards.

So how do you earn with Swag Bucks?


Just by doing a simple search at Swag Bucks you can earn some Swag Bucks.

Swag bucks TV

Watch Videos at Swag Bucks as you watch videos, your meter will increase. Once it reaches 100%, you’ll get 3 Swag Bucks. Earn up to 150 a day!

Play Games

Play Games at Swag Bucks to earn some Swag Bucks.


Complete Surveys for Swag Bucks the longer the survey the more Swag Bucks you will earn.

Daily Poll

Each day complete the daily poll at Swag Bucks for 1 Swag Buck.


You can earn Swag Bucks for doing simple tasks about things on the internet.

Special Offers

Sign Up for Special offers to earn Swag Bucks -just be careful of the ones which require a credit card.

Swag Codes

Swag Codes can be found on the Swag Bucks site, FB, Twitter, Blog, and more. You never know when the swag codes will appear and they normally don’t last long so keep your eyes out for the swag codes.

Refer Friends

For each new person referred to Swagbucks.com, the referrer will earn 10% of the referrals earnings. The earnings eligible for the 10% referral program include the categories along the top menu bar: Shop, Search, Watch, Play, Answer, Discover. This includes everything found in the drop down menus such as Daily Poll, Activities, Coupons and Tasks. Every earn on a mobile app contributes too.

You will continue to earn 10% for as long as your referral is active on Swagbucks, with no maximum limit.

Categories that do not count towards 10%: Sign-up bonus, Swag Codes, Daily Goal Bonuses, SB Visa awards, Accelerator awards.


Once you have earned enough Swag Bucks you can use them to buy things like Gift Cards, request to be paid to PayPal or maybe you would like to give your Swag Bucks to Charity.

100 Swag Bucks = $1
1000 Swag Bucks = $10
2500 Swag Bucks = $25

Or if you are a bit of gambler you can use your Swag Bucks in the Swag Sweepstakes, where you might convert just a few Swag Bucks into a great Reward!

I hope you found this guide helpful and it if so it would be great if you signed up under my Swag Bucks link below.

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