MintVine is The Worlds Most Popular Market Research Community

MintVine is a leading survey site where you can earn for taking surveys, through daily deals and service offers, by referring friends, filling out daily polls and completing offers. MintVine is open to anyone who is 18 years old or above and for minors between 13 and 17 years old with parental consent.

Join MintVine


Once you join MintVine you will receive surveys via email, you can also log into the MintVine site and try your luck at surveys through the Rewards Road and Points Place which are survey funnels. Surveys normally take about 10- 20 minutes to complete and you will be told how long the survey will take and how many points you will earn before attempting the survey. Their is also daily poll where you can earn 5 points for completing the daily poll which is just one question.


Once you have earned 1000 points = $10 you can redeem your points for cash via PayPal or Dwolla or request an electronic gift card. You can also refer friends to MintVine and you will earn 15% of what your friends earn from taking surveys and offers. Their is also a 50 point bonus when your friend completes their first survey.


MintVine is a good survey site to join with many ways to earn, people in the US, UK and Canada will get the most surveys, but people in all countries are welcome to join MintVine. Once you join MintVine make sure you do the profile surveys which you will earn over 500 points, which is half way their to your first reward  if you do that and the daily polls it will only take a couple of months to be able to redeem at MintVine. Invite your friends and you will be on the way to be rewarded at MintVine even faster.

Refer friends at MintVine

Join MintVine

Rewards Countries Available:
Dwolla Canada
Gift Cards United Kingdom
PayPal United States
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Australia’s No.1 Paid Survey Site 

MyOpinions is a survey site operated by survey Sample International.  MyOpinions is open to Australian residents who are 18 years old and above.  Once you join MyOpinions you will receive surveys to participate in which will earn points which can be used for some great rewards.

Sign Up to MyOpinions, Do Surveys, Get Rewarded

Join MyOpinions


You’ll receive invites to online surveys at the email address you provided when you signed up. MyOpinions will also send you a monthly statement so that you can see how many points you have accumulated. If you find yourself with extra time on your hands you can also visit the site and login at anytime to take surveys too. Each time you complete a survey you are rewarded with points which you can use to redeem for reward options once the required minimum is reached. If you don’t qualify for a survey you will receive a maximum of 20 points for trying.


Rewards at MyOpinions start at only 1000 points ($10) for a E-Gift and are delivered instantly, E-gift cards can be used to buy gift cards at many retailers including Coles Group and Woolworths, JB Hi Fi and many more places you can also choose to be rewarded with PayPal. MyOpinions also has a refer a friend program where you can earn $5 worth of points for the first 5 friends that sign up & complete a survey using your personalised link. MyOpinions also has a loyalty program where you can up to 10%  bonus points on surveys, the more surveys you complete at MyOpinions the higher your bonus points will be.

Get Instantly Rewarded at MyOpinions, Rewards include Giftcards and PayPal


MyOpinions is a great survey site for Australians to join, I really like how you only need 1000 points = $10 to claim a reward and its delivered instantly and its good they give you a few points if you don’t qualify for a survey. MyOpinions also has a really good loyalty program which rewards very well.

Join My Opinions

Rewards: Countries Available:
Giftcards Australia
PayPal New Zealand
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The opinion platform for the UK and Europe

Mingle is an online opinion platform of respondi. respondi AG is a leading company in the market research industry. Mingle has over 300,000 members throughout Europe. Mingle is open to anyone who is 16 years old and above and live in the UK or Europe. As a member of mingle you will take part in market and opinion research surveys.

As a Mingle member you will also have the exclusive opportunity to take part in opinion trend surveys. Mingle publishes the results of these opinion trends on the Mingle website and in the Mingle blog.

Join Mingle Panel to be invited to complete paid surveys and do product tests

Join Mingle


As a member of mingle you will take part in market and opinion research surveys. Most surveys will be around  5-20 minutes long and you will receive points for completing the questionnaire. If you don’t qualify you will receive up to 10 Mingle points  Sometimes you may be invite to a questionnaire on your mobile. Mingle also carry out regular research projects in which you may be invited to exchange views with others on interesting topics in a closed community. Or you might be asked  to test a product of a well-known brand manufacturer at home.


Every new member will receive 100 mingle points (= 0.80 GBP) in their account on completion of the welcome survey. 1000 mingle points are equivalent to eight GBP.  Once you have the minimum number of mingle-points or more in your account, you can exchange these for a cash transfer into a bank account or a gift voucher.  You can also donate your points to charity. As soon as you have 2000 mingle points on your account, you can redeem the points within 3 months. After the 3 months, the points will expire. If you do not accept an invitation to participate in a survey for more 3 months, your mingle account will be deactivated.

Mingle will reward you with cash or vouchers


Mingle is a good survey site to join for people in the UK and Europe, I like how they give you a few points if you don’t qualify for a survey, but I don’t like that once you have reached 2000 mingle points in your account that you need to use them in 3 months, although that shouldn’t be a problem for most people, just make sure you withdraw your points as soon as you have 2000 mingle points in your account and remember to be active at least every 3 months at Mingle otherwise your account will be deactivated.

Join Mingle

Rewards: Countries Available:
Bank Deposit Europe
Charity Donations United Kingdom
Gift Cards
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The worlds fastest growing online market research company

The OnePoll research panel is a large online community of consumers and professionals in the UK and United States. Once you join OnePoll you will be able to give your opinion on a variety of topics through answering short and fun surveys online and you will earn real money and rewards for each survey you complete.

Onepoll - The Worlds Fastest Growing Market Research Compnay

Click here to sign up to onepoll


OnePoll surveys are normally very short, just a few minutes long. As the surveys are very short they don’t pay that much but you can expect surveys most days so it wont take time to build up your balance.


Rewards at OnePoll are either PayPal or BACS (for UK only). You need to earn £40 before you can request a payout at onepoll. Onepoll also has a referral program where you can  refer up to 10 people and you will receive 50p for each person that signs up and answers a survey. When a member you have referred reaches £20.00, you will receive £1.00.When they have earned £40.00 you’ll receive £2.50.


OnePoll is a genuine site, where it might take a while to reach the £40 to request a cash out, but as the surveys are really short its worth giving Onepoll a shot. If you join now you will receive a £2.50 joining bonus.

Click here to sign up to onepoll

Rewards: Countries Available:
Bank Deposit United Kingdom
PayPal United States
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YouGov is a world-leading online market research company

YouGov has a mission to supply a live stream of continuous and accurate data and insight into what people are thinking and doing all over the world, all of the time, so that companies, governments and institutions can better serve the people that sustain them.

As a member of the YouGov panel you will be part of a global community of people who share their opinions in return for points and rewards. YouGov is open to anyone who is 16 years old or above. (14 years and above in US and Canada)(18 Years above in Middle East)

Join YouGov


Most YouGov surveys are very short and should only take you about five to seven minutes to complete. A typical survey is only about 20 to 30 fairly short questions in total. You will typically earn up to 400 points for a 10-15 minutes survey. Occasionally, there will be longer surveys or surveys with more complex questions. The longest surveys should not take more than 20 minutes to complete. You will receive a email every their is new survey for you to complete at YouGov, you will be able to access the survey straight from the email.


YouGov offer a variety of rewards which very depending on your location, for example UK members of YouGov will need to have equivalent of £50  in points before they can get a reward. YouGov members in the Asia Pacific reason only need 5000 points to choose from Air Asia Points, Unicef Donation or SG$25 PayPal. YouGov also has a referral program where for each new member that signs up via your referral link and completes at least five surveys (excluding the initial profile survey), you will receive up to 200 points in survey credit.

YouGov Rewards are Air Asia Points, Paypal and Unicef Donations


YouGov is a genuine survey site where you can easily make a few dollars. YouGov is a good survey site to join particularly if you have a interest in topical issues and current affairs. Join YouGov now and you will be entered into the monthly draw to win a ipad mini (Asia Pacific Region Only) and 100 points joining bonus. UK residents will receive a 100 point joining bonus. US residents will receive a 2000 point joining bonus.

Join YouGov

Rewards: Countries Available
Air Miles Australia
Charity Donations China
PayPal Denmark
Hong Kong
Middle East
United Kingdom
United States
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Now you have your blog up and running you might think about joining some Affiliate Networks. All Affiliate Networks have a approval system in place to limit fraud, before you join a Affiliate Network you need to be prepared for a phone call which they will ask you about your experience and what offers you will be promoting and how you will be promoting. You should answer these questions honestly. Don’t expect to be accepted into all the networks you apply for at first. If you are rejected don’t take it personally normally you can re-apply in about 6 months if you have gained more experience in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Networks want you to bring in leads, they don’t want to answer  questions about how to find the affiliate link on their platform, if you have experience in knowing how to find and place affiliate links its a big advantage.

So how do you get experience using affiliate links when you are not excepted into a Affiliate Network just yet?

Reward sites like cash crate and online survey sites are a great way to get use to affiliate type links as these types of programs often have a refer a friend link, which you can place on your blog and you can earn normally extra points for referring friends. Its a great way to start learning how to make money online and once you apply to join a affiliate network you can tell them you have experience in refer a friend type programs.


You can write about anything you like on your blog, its best to write about things you know about and enjoy.

Some Popular blog topics are:

  • Travel
  • Fishing & Hunting
  • Sport
  • Weight Loss
  • Gaming
  • Tattoos
  • Fitness
  • Paid Surveys
  • Making Money Online
  • Gardening
  • Skin Care

You should first start writing on your blog on a regular basis before you start to look to make money from it. I would recommended to write most days on your blog, but the most important thing is the content, so don’t just write because you think you should, but write when you have some interesting things to share.

How you make money from your blog depends a little bit about your blog topic. For example with a Travel Blog you could make money from a hotel affiliate program like Hotels Combined or Agoda. A fishing blog you could make money through the Amazon Associates program. A weight loss blog could make money from selling weight loss powders, a gaming blog could make money by promoting downloads for other games, a paid survey blog could make money through referring friends to online survey sites. you get the idea different niches will make money through different methods.


Once you have registered your Domain Name, the next step is to organise Web Hosting.

Their is many web hosting companies to choose from and what you choose depends on what your plan is.

I use Name Cheap for my hosting, some will say you should not have your domain name and hosting at the same company, I don’t see it as a problem if you are dealing with a well known and established company.

When you sign up for hosting at name cheap you will get a big discount on your first year, with know obligation to continue after the first year.

For the first year at Name Cheap you can get shared hosting for $9.88 then it will be $38.88 per year, this package allows you to host up to 3 websites. Shared hosting is fine when you first get started, its only when your site is getting millions of views each day, then you might need to upgrade your hosting which can be done easily with name cheap.

Get Web Hosting From Name Cheap


Its important to choose a good domain for your website because people easily forget your website if its name is hard to remember.

Some tips: Try and avoid domain names with hyphens as they can be confused with the site that has that domain name without hyphens.

Its a popular to choose a domain name related to what your blog is about like this blog which is about getting paid online. Other popular choices is to use your own name like john chow did with his blog at other people just choose a name which can is memorable and even a bit funny like fat cow did  for their domain and webhosting business located at

You get the picture now, your domain name should be easy to remember and try to make it not to long, its now a lot harder to get a 2 word domain name now, but don’t worry you can still look you might get lucky. Their is still plenty of 3 word combinations you can choose for your domain number just get creative.

Once you have chosen to domain name you will need to choose a domain register to register your domain with, their are many domain registers to choose from and some of the most popular ones are GoDaddy, Crazy Domains and Name Cheap. I prefer to use Name Cheap as you will not get endless bombarded with up sells like some of the other domain registers and they will give you free whois privacy for the first year. Free whois privacy protects your personal details from being shown on the net.  .COM domains cost $US10.69 (price subject to change) at name cheap currently.

When you register a domain name you will find out their is many different domain name extensions to choose from, you really should choose the .COM and possibly the local country TLD (top-level domains) if your website is country specific, their is no real need to register every extension available as people will get confused and still type .COM when they look for your website. Its up to you on how many domains you wish to register tho.

Another think to look out for is you should really only register 1 or 2 domains when you get started, sure you might have thought you have found a few really awesome domain names, so you register more than one domain name only to find that they just end up sitting on the shelf year after year and never get used. Eventually you let them expire after a few years, you have wasted $10+ each year, sure its not a great deal of money, but is a common newbie mistake.

Ready to Get a Domain Name?

Buy a Domain Name From Name Cheap.


So you may have heard you can make money blogging, first you really need to understand what blogging is.

Blogging basically is writing about things you like or do on a regular basis.

So how do you get started blogging?

Well its actually easy you can sign up to free blogger platforms like wordpress or blogger, these are the most well known blogger platforms and are a great way to start blogging. The problems you can get from using these platforms is if they don’t like what you are writing they can shut down your blog in a instant, their goes all your work overnight.

So What Should you do?

So you actually own the content you can purchase a domain name and webhosting, their are many companies which can provide this with varying prices. You will often hear people promoting Hostgator as it has a really good affiliate program. I haven’t had any experience with Hostgator so I cant make any recommendations about it. I personally use Name Cheap and found it to be great and the support is really quick in case you accidentally broke your website!

You can visit to find the current prices for Name Cheap hosting and Domain Names.

What do I blog about?

You should blog about things you are interested about and know about. Maybe you like to play sports you can blog about that, maybe you are a traveller you can blog about that, maybe you are a parent you can blog about that, their is so many different things you can blog about just make sure its something you really are interested in otherwise you will get bored really quickly.

How do a I make money blogging?

Most bloggers don’t make much because they give up or don’t really know how to monetize a blog. How you can make money on your blog will depend on what you are writing about. Popular methods of making money are putting AdSense on your blog, but these days less people tend to click on ads and many use ad blocker software. If you have a sporting blog you could sell sporting equipment through Amazon, if you have a Travel blog you can make money with travel affiliate programs like Hotels Combined or Agoda to name a few. If you have a fashion blog you can make money though affiliate programs with fashion shops. If you blog about gaming you can sign up to a CPA network and run email submits on your blog, this basically means someone signs up to a offer on your website and you get paid on average $1-$5 per sign up. CPA networks also often have a good range of online survey offers which you could run on a blog about completing online surveys. Other people blog about how to make money on GPT sites like Cash Crate, they make money by having their sign up link on the page in the hope you will sign up.


Most people will make either nothing or very little from blogging, if you want to be a successful blogger, try to write most days, but more importantly write exciting and informative articles, the more informative and exciting the better. When you first start out don’t worry to much about monetizing it, once you have blogged and have become popular you may get people approaching you to advertise on your blog!

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