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The OnePoll research panel is a large online community of consumers and professionals in the UK and United States. Once you join OnePoll you will be able to give your opinion on a variety of topics through answering short and fun surveys online and you will earn real money and rewards for each survey you complete.

Onepoll - The Worlds Fastest Growing Market Research Compnay

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OnePoll surveys are normally very short, just a few minutes long. As the surveys are very short they don’t pay that much but you can expect surveys most days so it wont take time to build up your balance.


Rewards at OnePoll are either PayPal or BACS (for UK only). You need to earn £40 before you can request a payout at onepoll. Onepoll also has a referral program where you can  refer up to 10 people and you will receive 50p for each person that signs up and answers a survey. When a member you have referred reaches £20.00, you will receive £1.00.When they have earned £40.00 you’ll receive £2.50.


OnePoll is a genuine site, where it might take a while to reach the £40 to request a cash out, but as the surveys are really short its worth giving Onepoll a shot. If you join now you will receive a £2.50 joining bonus.

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Rewards: Countries Available:
Bank Deposit United Kingdom
PayPal United States

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