Make money with referrals at Swagbucks

Make money with referrals at Swagbucks

I am doing an experiment on the best way to make money referring people to Swagbucks, their is basically to ways you could join a affiliate network like Panthera of CJ and earn a one time commission for each sign up on average $2.50, this price can vary but this has been the average price over the last few years.

The other way is to get people to sign up under your direct link and you will earn 10% for life on most activities your referrals do.


Month Referrals Swagbucks Earned  Swagbucks Bonus Vs One Time Commission
March 49 439 ($US4.39) $122.50
April  92  1164 ($US11.64) 2100 ($US21.00) $US230
Total 141 $16.03 $37.03


So far that means i have made $53.06 with 141 referrals or about 38 cents per/referral.

One Swagbuck = $0.01

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