Joining Affiliate Networks

Now you have your blog up and running you might think about joining some Affiliate Networks. All Affiliate Networks have a approval system in place to limit fraud, before you join a Affiliate Network you need to be prepared for a phone call which they will ask you about your experience and what offers you will be promoting and how you will be promoting. You should answer these questions honestly. Don’t expect to be accepted into all the networks you apply for at first. If you are rejected don’t take it personally normally you can re-apply in about 6 months if you have gained more experience in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Networks want you to bring in leads, they don’t want to answer  questions about how to find the affiliate link on their platform, if you have experience in knowing how to find and place affiliate links its a big advantage.

So how do you get experience using affiliate links when you are not excepted into a Affiliate Network just yet?

Reward sites like cash crate and online survey sites are a great way to get use to affiliate type links as these types of programs often have a refer a friend link, which you can place on your blog and you can earn normally extra points for referring friends. Its a great way to start learning how to make money online and once you apply to join a affiliate network you can tell them you have experience in refer a friend type programs.


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