How to Choose the right domain name!

Its important to choose a good domain for your website because people easily forget your website if its name is hard to remember.

Some tips: Try and avoid domain names with hyphens as they can be confused with the site that has that domain name without hyphens.

Its a popular to choose a domain name related to what your blog is about like this blog which is about getting paid online. Other popular choices is to use your own name like john chow did with his blog at other people just choose a name which can is memorable and even a bit funny like fat cow did  for their domain and webhosting business located at

You get the picture now, your domain name should be easy to remember and try to make it not to long, its now a lot harder to get a 2 word domain name now, but don’t worry you can still look you might get lucky. Their is still plenty of 3 word combinations you can choose for your domain number just get creative.

Once you have chosen to domain name you will need to choose a domain register to register your domain with, their are many domain registers to choose from and some of the most popular ones are GoDaddy, Crazy Domains and Name Cheap. I prefer to use Name Cheap as you will not get endless bombarded with up sells like some of the other domain registers and they will give you free whois privacy for the first year. Free whois privacy protects your personal details from being shown on the net.  .COM domains cost $US10.69 (price subject to change) at name cheap currently.

When you register a domain name you will find out their is many different domain name extensions to choose from, you really should choose the .COM and possibly the local country TLD (top-level domains) if your website is country specific, their is no real need to register every extension available as people will get confused and still type .COM when they look for your website. Its up to you on how many domains you wish to register tho.

Another think to look out for is you should really only register 1 or 2 domains when you get started, sure you might have thought you have found a few really awesome domain names, so you register more than one domain name only to find that they just end up sitting on the shelf year after year and never get used. Eventually you let them expire after a few years, you have wasted $10+ each year, sure its not a great deal of money, but is a common newbie mistake.

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