Form Blasting Another Form of Spam!

The spruikers are at it again, with another useless service that you don’t need.

What is Form Blasting and how does it work?

Form Blasting is a direct marketing solution which targets contact us pages on websites.

What you do is write a short message about the product or service you wish to promote and then this message is forwarded to 50,000 contact forms for $29

OK so is not a lot of money to throw down the drain. The biggest problem is these are just random websites apparently you can request a  particular niche to target good luck with that.

This could actually harm your online reputation as when webmasters receive one of these messages from the form blasting and its totally irrelevant to them most will delete the message and mark it as spam.

Other webmasters will add your email to their useless mailing lists so expect to see a full mailbox from using Form Blasting!

If you do have a service or product which is relevant to a particular website you can always contact them through the contact form on their website but don’t spam people.

Already used forum blasting join the conversation at the Warrior Forum

To Make Money Online their is no short cuts you need to have a plan, build your own website, once you have a website which is complete start building your lists. Its best to use a auto responder like Aweber or Mail Chimp as once its set up it doesn’t take much time to maintain.



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