Earn a easy $20 PayPal with Verto

Want an easy way to get $20 in your PayPal account?

Just download the app from Verto and keep it installed for 1 month and complete another short survey and get $20 paid into your PayPal account.

If you would like to have $20 in your PayPal account in 1 month time read below how it works and Then Download The Verto App Here


You are invited to participate in an exciting new market research study – Verto Digital Panel – and earn $20 in the next month.
What do you have to do?• Take a 5-minute questionnaire to see if you qualify • Install the Verto Opinion app on your device(s) and keep it active
• one month, answer our final survey received via email
• Receive your $20 reward via PayPal
Click here to start
The app will run in the background, letting us how you use apps, web sites, and your devices. That helps us calculate stats on device and content usage. Any data we collect from you is encrypted, secured, and protected, and all data used in analysis is aggregated and anonymized.
Why?You participate to an innovative market research study: the insights gained in this study, with your valuable input, help brands improve their products worldwide.
What do you get?We pay you for sharing your data with us. If you install the Verto Opinion App to your devices, keep it active for one month and answer our final survey, you’ll get $20.

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