Earn a easy £10 e-voucher! With GFK Digital Trends

GFK Digital Trends UK is a great way to make a few shillings, all you need to do is download the GfK’s Internet Monitor software and by keeping it active for 30 days you will receive a £10 e-voucher!

On top of that you will receive a £5 loyalty incentive every three months if you are active for at least one day each month!

Spend 5 minutes to join the Digital Trends panel & install their software on your device and you will receive a guaranteed £10 e-voucher to spend! If you install on 2 other devices, you will get £10 per device!

So make sure you install it on all of your devices!

That is a lot of money to make for such little effort! Hurry!

Download GFK Digital Trends UK

3 Comments on “Earn a easy £10 e-voucher! With GFK Digital Trends

  1. I have done this and downloaded it on 2nd December 2015. How do I claim my £10?


    Jackie Edworthy

    • Hi Jackie,
      If you have been active with Digital Trends over a month you should be able to claim a E-Voucher. Active means you need to have the app successfully installed, open and running in the background of your device when you’re browsing the web. Don’t confuse this with 30 days since the software was installed.

      • Hello,

        I had been active member for GFK trend panel for over a month but i had received the £10 but i hve a confusion that the incentives still continue to be received in future by active the apps or it’s for 1month only.

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