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Joining Affiliate Networks

Now you have your blog up and running you might think about joining some Affiliate Networks. All Affiliate Networks have a approval system in place to limit fraud, before you join a Affiliate Network you need to be prepared for

What to Write about on your blog

You can write about anything you like on your blog, its best to write about things you know about and enjoy. Some Popular blog topics are: Travel Fishing & Hunting Sport Weight Loss Gaming Tattoos Fitness Paid Surveys Making Money Online

What Hosting Plan do you choose?

Once you have registered your Domain Name, the next step is to organise Web Hosting. Their is many web hosting companies to choose from and what you choose depends on what your plan is. I use Name Cheap for my hosting, some

How to Choose the right domain name!

Its important to choose a good domain for your website because people easily forget your website if its name is hard to remember. Some tips: Try and avoid domain names with hyphens as they can be confused with the site that

Be Mobile Friendly For Everyone!

Well todays the day when if your site is not mobile friendly in googles eyes you will lose your search engine position. So how do you know if you are mobile friendly? Well you could do the obvious and look

Form Blasting Another Form of Spam!

The spruikers are at it again, with another useless service that you don’t need. What is Form Blasting and how does it work? Form Blasting is a direct marketing solution which targets contact us pages on websites. What you do