Can you really make money blogging???

So you may have heard you can make money blogging, first you really need to understand what blogging is.

Blogging basically is writing about things you like or do on a regular basis.

So how do you get started blogging?

Well its actually easy you can sign up to free blogger platforms like wordpress or blogger, these are the most well known blogger platforms and are a great way to start blogging. The problems you can get from using these platforms is if they don’t like what you are writing they can shut down your blog in a instant, their goes all your work overnight.

So What Should you do?

So you actually own the content you can purchase a domain name and webhosting, their are many companies which can provide this with varying prices. You will often hear people promoting Hostgator as it has a really good affiliate program. I haven’t had any experience with Hostgator so I cant make any recommendations about it. I personally use Name Cheap and found it to be great and the support is really quick in case you accidentally broke your website!

You can visit to find the current prices for Name Cheap hosting and Domain Names.

What do I blog about?

You should blog about things you are interested about and know about. Maybe you like to play sports you can blog about that, maybe you are a traveller you can blog about that, maybe you are a parent you can blog about that, their is so many different things you can blog about just make sure its something you really are interested in otherwise you will get bored really quickly.

How do a I make money blogging?

Most bloggers don’t make much because they give up or don’t really know how to monetize a blog. How you can make money on your blog will depend on what you are writing about. Popular methods of making money are putting AdSense on your blog, but these days less people tend to click on ads and many use ad blocker software. If you have a sporting blog you could sell sporting equipment through Amazon, if you have a Travel blog you can make money with travel affiliate programs like Hotels Combined or Agoda to name a few. If you have a fashion blog you can make money though affiliate programs with fashion shops. If you blog about gaming you can sign up to a CPA network and run email submits on your blog, this basically means someone signs up to a offer on your website and you get paid on average $1-$5 per sign up. CPA networks also often have a good range of online survey offers which you could run on a blog about completing online surveys. Other people blog about how to make money on GPT sites like Cash Crate, they make money by having their sign up link on the page in the hope you will sign up.


Most people will make either nothing or very little from blogging, if you want to be a successful blogger, try to write most days, but more importantly write exciting and informative articles, the more informative and exciting the better. When you first start out don’t worry to much about monetizing it, once you have blogged and have become popular you may get people approaching you to advertise on your blog!

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