Be Mobile Friendly For Everyone!

Well todays the day when if your site is not mobile friendly in googles eyes you will lose your search engine position.

So how do you know if you are mobile friendly?

Well you could do the obvious and look at your site on a smart phone and see how it looks or you could go to:

and let google check for you.

If you are mobile friendly you will get a nice pic of your site like this:

Be Friendly with Google
Get Paid Clicking is Mobile Friendly!

So how do you be considered to be mobile friendly?

Well your text needs to be readable without tapping or zooming anything that can be clicked needs to be spaced out to avoid clicking mistakes, all you need to do is make your site easy for people to read on mobile devices.

Should you be worried about these changes?

No, if you are a good webmaster you wouldn’t have already made your pages mobile friendly from the beginning if not now is the time to improve and go mobile friendly, the google mobile friendly policy only applies to individual web pages not entire websites and only impacts searches done on smartphones, not tablets.


I have made my site here to be mobile friendly not because of something google is doing, but because I wish to give all my visitors a great experience on what ever device they are using. If visitors find your site informative, easy to read and navigate they just might come back to visit again one day. 🙂

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